Covid-19 Vaccination Information

We are hosting Covid-19 vaccination Hub at Chadwell Medical Centre to support the roll out of vaccinations in Thurrock for our own patients and those from the following practices:

  • The Tilbury Chadwell Group
  • Sai Medical Centre
  • Commonwealth Health Centre
  • Rigg Milner Medical Centre
  • Medic House and Appledore Surgery
  • Neera Medical Centre
  • The Orsett Surgery
  • Dr Deveraja’s Surgery
  • Horndon-on-the-Hill Surgery
  • Southend Road Surgery

This service is separate to General Practice and ‘stand-alone’ and your normal GP Practice services will continue to be available to you during this important time.

As part of the COVID Vaccination Programme in Thurrock, there will also be home visits for housebound patients. We are inviting patients based on the National Priority List. Please be patient and wait to be contacted about when the vaccine is available for you.

You do not need to contact the surgery until you receive a letter, text or phone call about getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Please be aware you may receive a letter with consent form in advance of your invitation.

Our phone lines are very busy; please help us to keep lines open for people needing to make appointments for other health matters.

Find out more: For more information about the Covid-19 vaccination visit NHS UK

If you have questions about the vaccine please read the information below.

Should I come for a vaccine if I have symptoms of Covid-19?
No. If you or someone in your immediate household has symptoms of the virus it is essential that you self-isolate and book a test. Your vaccine can be re-arranged after your self-isolation.

If I’ve had Covid-19 do I need the vaccines?
Yes, vaccination is as important for those who have had Covid-19 as it is for those who haven’t.

How soon after having Covid-19 can I have the vaccine?
It is recommended that people wait 4 weeks after recovering from Covid-19 or from being tested positive but not experiencing symptoms. We will rearrange invitations if you are in this situation when first invited to have the vaccine.

When will the second dose be given?
National guidance has changed, second doses will now be scheduled 10-12 weeks after first dose.

Can I pay for the vaccines privately?
No, all Covid-19 vaccines are being provided free by the NHS. If you see any offers to get the vaccine privately it will be a scam and you must not contact them.